Fathers' Day Competition

Oh yes, that's right, I'm doing a competition.

This June the 17th will be my first ever Fathers' Day.

I don't suppose my two month old son will make the effort to haul his tiny behind to the shops and get me something suitably awesome, but thanks to the lovely people at www.dropgifts.co.uk one lucky dad will get something he wants.

Dropgifts are this: "a new social gifting app and website that lets you send digital giftcards to your friends via Facebook. We make it quick and easy for people to send gifts from where ever they are in the world and we have partnered with some great brands such as Amazon, John Lewis and tastecard making sure there is something for everyone!"

You can win £25 worth of Pubtokens, to gift the dad in your life to a (hopefully several) pint or pub lunch at one of 1,200 pubs across the UK.

I don't reckon that's a man and his dad, do you?

To be in with a chance of winning this lovely prize, all you have to do is:

  • Be over eighteen years of age
  • Leave a comment telling me why your dad deserves £25 worth of pubby goodness
  • Probably best to leave me an email address to, so I can let you know if you've won
I will pick the winner, by deciding which is my favourite answer, or possibly just by picking one out of a hat. Closing date for entries will be the 14th of June, so you have just one week, best get a wriggle on.


  1. My father doesn't deserve anything, he is a bum. who I haven't seen in 34 years. but my husband who is the father to my 3 wonderful children deserves the world :)

  2. My dad deserves to win because I didn't inherit his huge nose. He's a total legend who I want to be like when I grow up too, but I'm going with the nose as my final answer!

  3. Well, my son can't talk let alone type, so I doubt he will be entering on my behalf... Unfortunately my dad is no longer with us, he passed a few years ago, infact it was around the same time as Michael Jackson, INFACT, I never saw them both on the same room! I'm sure it's a coincidence! *moonwalks off to find out more* Good luck every one!

  4. Well damn, I'm a yankee. If I were a euro though, I'd sign up, that's for sure!

  5. My dad has had a hard year as my mum has been battling breast cancer and his brother died very suddenly in his sleep s few days after my daughter was born. Despite this he has been very strong and a fabulous dad and grandpa ..Izzy adores him but maybe that's because he slips her biscuits when I'm not looking :-) he deserves a treat.

  6. My daddy is the best daddy in the world cose he makes me laugh. Love Benjamin. (with assistance from mummy miss_piggin).

  7. Hi! I am, indeedily, over 18!
    I would love to treat my Dad, he is
    D edicated
    A wesome
    D ependable
    D evoted
    Y abbbbadabbbadooooo!
    My dad is so amazing, so loving, so supportive and I, quite frankly, haven't always been that easy as a daughter! About time I started making it up to him, starting with a trip to the pub....

  8. My dad deserves to win so that he can then take me to the pub and buy me a pint for being such an awesome dad.

  9. My dad deserves to win because although I moved out 6 years ago and am a fully fledged adult with my very own child he still gives me a lot of lifts!

  10. My Dad deserves to win because he brought me up to appreciate all the good things in life so I can make my way feeling secure, happy, respected and respectful person. The best tools and gifts anyone can give anyone. Although my Mum may have helped a bit too!