Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A smile is a wonderful thing. A smile from the right person can put you in a good mood for a big chunk of a day. Back in the mists of time, when I was single, a smile from a girl could last a whole day.

But smiles are tricksy. Like hairy toed hobbits hiding magical rings. A smile can be so many things, mean so many things. A smile from an adult is a complicated thing. It may be happy, of course, but it could contain regret, it could be rueful, it could be patronising, pitying or prying.

My own smile is stereotypical British, all overbite and crossover. I hate it. I had orthodontic work when I was younger, fixed braces and then a retainer. The retainer gave me a quite spectacular lisp. I decided that I valued my diction above aesthetics and wore the retainer sparingly. One of my life’s regrets.

If anyone’s got a spare £6,000 kicking around and fancies letting me use it to get braces again, drop me a line. I promise I’ll wear the retainer this time.

Luckily for me, Cam doesn’t seem to hate my smile. Most mornings, before I head to work, I smile at The Creature and The Creature smiles back. A big, beaming, gum-filled grin. Like I said, a smile from the right person can put you in a good mood.

Baby smiles are like the pure, uncut, 100% Colombian version of the smile. They are pure joy and innocence. They spread across their tiny faces, starting at the mouth, spreading into the wrinkled nose before finishing their journey at the eyes. They are reciprocal and self perpetuating.

The first time I saw Cam smile I was almost overcome with excitement, it was beautiful, and so markedly different to the trapped wind induced grimaces which had come before it (the difference was the eyes) that I found myself welling up. Thankfully, on that occasion, he didn’t decide to copy what I was doing.

What’s been making you smile today? Share your thoughts in my comment receptacle and spread a little joy.

By the way, consider yourself lucky I haven’t included a link to that awful song “Smile” by the Supernaturals here. I’ve gone for a picture of a smiley baby instead.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Not having a particularly smiley day today, but that photo definitely cheered me up! He is so gorgeous and it's true those early smiles are amazing and remind you that you aren't doing such a bad job after all!

    1. Sorry you've not had a good day, I hope tomorrow is more grin inducing :-)

      He's nice isn't he? #biased

  2. Nothing has made me smile today, I have spent the best part of the day in tears due to arguing with my son who has in turn been in tears.

    However, I used to race through the door home from work and he'd rush into my arms and that would make me smile and forget everything else.

    1. That sounds like a tough day :-(

      I hope tomorrow brings a smiling Boy and a cheerful andMe.

  3. Fab post! We had lots of smiles today, and the first genuine belly laughs too...typically it was s laughing at us trying to find something that would make her laugh in the bath and accidentally spraying ourselves with bath toys. Three and a half months and she already knows when to make fun of us!

  4. Just gorgeous. W managed to save his first ever proper smile for me just as I was feeling really low and about to break from sheer exhaustion. Suddenly I felt much better.

  5. Lovely post, and what a gorgeous smile Cam has! Beautiful Baby.

    My dogs regularly make me smile, they can't really smile back (dog smiles look uncomfortable and teethy) but when they wag their tails so hard their bums wriggle I know they're sharing a lot of love.

    I also didn't wear my retainer after extensive brace work, but I cried when my teeth starting crossing back. Mummy and Daddy paid to have them put back in...then the dentist CEMENTED a retainer in my mouth which I only had removed this year after it being there for 10!

    If you do ever get your teeth worked on, have them cement a retainer in - it does the job!

  6. Iv always been told that i have a great smile, even being recognised once as soon as i smiled lol- me i dont think so but i like the idea people think this (who wouldnt) lol! Cameron has an awsome smile, he just keeps getting better ;-) Well done Mr and Mrs BabbaBlog XXX