Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Babies are always changing, developing, growing. Much like a Terminator, they are a learning computer, taking their experience of the world and using it to become a more efficient killer.

Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. Killer? Sorry, wrong consonant in the middle there.

Kisser. That’s what I meant.

Cam’s been learning to express his affection, via the medium of kissing. Aww.

He may be a bit behind the curve on this one, I’m not sure. Certainly his younger cousin has been dishing out the sloppy lip smacks for a while already. Cam’s been holding back though, waiting for right moment.

Actually, that’s only half true. For a while now he’s been more than happy to engage in a bit of one way snogging action with various inanimate objects.

The squidgy bellied pig in his farmyard book? Irresistible. Naturally I assumed he had simply realised the appeal of bacon.

Big Ted, his aptly monikered soft toy? Enticing. Several times a day the fur around his mouth is left glistening with saliva.

But, until very recently, kisses for people were definitely not on the menu. Putting on a brave face, my wife and I made do with his (excellent) hugs. But our lips and hearts yearned for more, and now we get it. Satisfied that his technique has been honed, our beautiful boy has been bestowing upon us some high quality affection.

He’s not one for subtlety; once he’s decided someone is getting a kiss he accelerates toward the recipient at a full speed, thundering crawl. Upon arrival, the kissee is held tightly in a two handed grip, and treated to a full, open mouthed contact.  It’s a good idea to have a tissue handy, Cam has saliva in abundance, and is keen to share it.

Which, obviously, is lovely. Really, really lovely. Cam’s becoming a really affectionate little boy, and I love that. Hugs are common these days, waving is near constant, a beaming smile  whenever me or Mrs L enter a room is almost mandatory. He’s telling us he likes us, even though he can’t yet tell us in words, and that means the world to me.

It is a little disconcerting when he tries to stick his tongue in your mouth though.


  1. You can't top a sloppy baby snog - I LOVE the cuddles and kisses from my little men folk. They are really demonstrative with their affection and it gives me a kind of happy I can't put into words. It's just the greatest feeling ever.

    1. For real. I remember reading one of your posts about child affection before Cam was even hugging and hoping it would happen for us too. So glad it has now :-)

    2. It's just the best feeling on earth - I love their love :-)
      my favourite cuddles are from them just spontaneously making my day better just launching themselves at me

  2. Yeah, kisses are great. Moo licks my face, for some reason. No idea where she got that from.

    1. One of life's great mysteries I guess ;-)

  3. Lovely lovely lovely. Doesn't matter that you end up covered in dribble and or snot every kiss is a heart melter. I am however slightly concerned that Leelah has already started chasing boys doing a puckered lips kiss face.

  4. The Little Man is, at not even seven months, already a bit of a snogger. He tried to suck on my tongue this morning in the middle of what I thought was a tongue-sticking-out game. Bring on the love, I say. Give it a few years and they'll be all "oww muuum" and wriggling away.