Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9 Weeks and Counting…

We’re over three quarters of the way there!  Finding out my wife was pregnant seems like a long time ago, but it was only at the beginning of September last year.  I was driving home from work and my phone was ringing in my pocket, repeatedly.  I’m not in the habit of taking calls while driving, so was suffering that horrible feeling that accompanies an unanswered phone.  I sneaked a glance at the source of the missed calls when sat in a queue of traffic.  Three calls in the space of five minutes, all Mrs L.  Then a text message arrives wondering when I’ll be home.  It’s unusual because I’m not running late, and Mrs L isn’t one of those insane women who needs to know where I am every moment of every day. 

It was at this point that the obvious reason for the calls dawned on me – the tone of the text had implied impatience, rather than distress, so it wasn’t anything too urgent – clearly there was a spider which needed to be dealt with.

Five minutes later and I’m back at the house.  Confirming my suspicions I’m greeted by Mrs L shouting "oh good, there's a MASSIVE spider in the bathroom, go and get it!"

Up the stairs two at a time, bursting through the bathroom door expecting to be confronted by Shelob herself, I am disappointed to find that "MASSIVE spider" is nowhere to be seen.  My wife is behind me in the doorway now.  "There's no spider" I say, "Yeah, look, right on the edge of the bath" she replies.  Either I have developed spider blindness or my wife has lost her mind.  There is no spider...

Oh.  There is something else sat on the edge of the bath though...

The penny finally drops; there is no spider, but there is a pregnancy test!  Positive!  It's one of those moments where the right thing to say is hard to get hold of; I am massively surprised, but in a very good way.  I've known I wanted to have children for years, but the moment you find out you actually will be having one is amazing, I don't think anything could have prepared me for how happy I felt, or how nervous.


  1. Beautiful post. I love the honesty, that moment was huge for my husband and I as well. What an amazing feeling! Good luck to you and your wife!