Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello, I'm new here...

Welcome to my new blog.  As the name suggests (to Bristolians at least) it’s going to be about a baby.  My first baby.  It’s also going to be about me, and how I cope with the aforementioned baby. 

Anyone who is already a parent will hopefully see the potential for good material here; since announcing to the world that my wife and I were starting off on the nine month journey to parenthood I’ve lost count of the stories I’ve been told by people who have already trodden that well worn path.  Many of those stories have been hilarious, many more have been horrific, and a small number of them have been heartbreaking.  I’ll be honest, I’m hoping, wishing, that the stories I post here will only ever be one of the first two.

I don’t know how this blog will pan out, just as I have no idea how my baby will turn out, or how my new role as a Dad will turn out, but I hope that I’ll entice a few readers on the way.  If anything I write can help anyone out, that’s great, if it can raise a smile on the face of one person doing battle with a newborn at 3am then I’ll be happy (even, perhaps especially, if that one person is me).

Well, that’s an introduction then, on with the story so far…

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