Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two Weeks

My baby is two weeks and three hours old.  Amazing.

Fourteen WHOLE DAYS and we haven't managed to break him yet, he hasn't gone significantly wrong and (touches wood, caresses rabbit's foot, eats four leaf clover, nails horseshoe to self, seeks out seagull to entice into pooing on me) having a child actually feels kind of, well, *whispers* normal.

Obviously, I still look at him several times each day and think "bloody hell.  That's a baby, and it's mine".  I don't know when or if that will ever change.  He's a tiny life and, in partnership with Mrs L, I'm responsible for him.  Sometimes I emit an involuntary squeak when I remember that.

I can't quite believe how quickly he's changing.  Every day, in amongst the nappy changes, the screaming, the little bits of sick, the lengthy naps, there are new things.  I know they all do this, but this is my one doing it.

Eyes which are a little wider every day.

Starting to look over my shoulder rather than AT my shoulder.

His hair is already longer.

I'm pretty certain the tiny hands are just a tiny bit less tiny.

His cry has developed; from the steady pitch of the newborn to the incredibly insistent, anger and desperation infused wail he is now capable of.

Demonstrating his crying skills (also uppercuts)

If you're already a parent you probably read the above with a wry smile.  Perhaps you thought "yes, but wait for the tantrums, the colic, the myriad challenges ahead of you.  Just you wait, rookie, remember these peaceful days of teeny tiny baby time".

You're right.  I know there's a bumpy road ahead of me, Mrs L and The Creature.  But we're looking forward to it.


  1. Fab! Just enjoy him, every stage is challenging in it's own way but no less amazing. Innit. YES!

  2. Wow. Yes the road ahead is bumpy, but its worth every bump!

  3. Hope you're enjoying parenthood. Every day they change. Mine are 9 & 10 now and I still look at them and think "They're my babies. I made them. Aren't they amazing..."
    Congratulations to you both :-)

  4. I still, sometimes, don't believe that Bob is mine. I thought I would by now as she's nearly 11 months but, judging by the other comments, maybe I never will. Please don't tell me that you are nick naming him The Creature! It scares me! ;0)

  5. Two weeks? Is that all?? He's looking good, full of energy, innit ;)

  6. If it does ever sink in that they're yours then I havent reached that stage yet. It never ceases to amaze me the things that Matilda learns to do.

  7. I didn't think any of that and my smile wasn't wry. I thought back fondly as if that was yesterday and it's almost three years ago. Enjoy every second, and write these bits of blog which seem miniscule at the time but in a year's time you'll have forgotten about.

    Right, now I'm broody. Thanks for that.

  8. He's beautiful, congrats, you still look at them in awe now but it only last for a split second as they then poof something over the sofa or drive their bus over the television screen

  9. Looks like he has a cracking pair of lungs on him! Gorgeous :)

  10. Love that pic..remember it all very well!!!!
    Enjoy every cry and every tired day and all goes so quickly as am sure you've been told a hundred times already ;) Be proud of your gorgeous son and remember every second of tiredness and bewilderment is so very worth it :)
    Oh and keep writing your enjoying my trip down memory lane :)

  11. They hold our hearts in their hands. Enjoy everything as time passes unbelievably quickly!

  12. They hold our hearts in their hands. Enjoy everything as time passes unbelievably quickly!

  13. Sounds like everything is going well! I still look at our first son and think "bloody hell, I've got a kid. No, hang on, I've got two kids." It doesn't change!