Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Spy... H

Every week I take part in Mum of One's game of blog-based I Spy.  It is fun, so I wholeheartedly encourage you all to do the same!

This week's letter, as decreed by JB Herself, is H. Cast your peepers below to my excellent phizzog, wherein there is something (or things) beginning with the appropriate letter.

Comments in the comments place, first to guess the correct thing will receive a prize*

What do you see? Hmm?
You can use the magic of the internerd to go over to Mum of One and see who else has joined in today. Do it, or I'll send The Creature over to cry at you for hours.

Mum of One

*All prizes are at best shit, at worst imaginary.


  1. Hedgehog.....look over there *points*

    1. Oh really, no, sorry, not what I'm after.

      First of mine you haven't got I think! :)

  2. Hieroglyphics. The shadows on the ground tell a story about an Egyptian slave child.

    High-tension barbed wire.


    Nah, I give up.

    1. Oh man, they're ALL good. But, again, no.

  3. Well, looks like I get this week's prize. The answer was: handlebar. Thanks all for your guesses :)