Thursday, July 26, 2012


I’m awake and I’m hot.

I’m hot and I’m sticky.

I’m sticky and I’m sweaty.

I’m sweaty and my bed feels like it is enveloping me from below while the thick, treacly air does the same from above.

I can feel the heat evaporating my sweat. Gentle, persistent tugs at the hairs on my arms and legs as liquid becomes vapour and rejoins the heavy air which surrounds me.

I can feel each breath toiling hard to get through my respiratory tubes. My lungs don’t want this air. This air doesn’t refresh. This air oppresses.

I’m not used to this. Not used to the heat. Not used to the awake. Not used to looking at the clock and seeing 3am.  

I know that if I don’t drop back off to sleep soon the sleepy fog in my brain will clear and I’ll be thinking. Thinking about work. Thinking about Cam. Thinking about Mrs L sleeping next to me and wondering why I’m not doing that. Thinking about being hot.

At least it’s quiet. The odd snuffle from Mrs L. The occasional whimper from Cam. The creaking of a house releasing the day’s absorbed heat back into the atmosphere. Nothing loud enough to warrant being awake.

Then the neighbour starts his car. The noisy one. The one with an exhaust you could hide a small dog inside. The one which throbs and snarls and spits. The one I wish he wouldn’t start at three in the morning, when he has a quieter one he could use.

He pulls slowly from his drive before unleashing the octane heavy ferocity.



He is Colin McRae and our otherwise quiet road is the terrified forest stage around him.

Mrs L stirs and utters “fucking hell Dave, urgghh”

The baby wakes, and lets out a brief cry of Subaru-derived anguish.

Then I’m asleep.


  1. Nice post. I think my son felt the same way last night as he was hot and had terrible problems getting to sleep. :-)

  2. Bless you. Vile isn't it? I am ginger and can't abide the heat. Gingers should be adopted out at birth to Inuits.
    ps) i did start reading and think I was reading a sex post. I read on ;-)

  3. really good post, take solace in the fact we decided this week of all weeks we would get our bathroom shower :(

  4. I can't sleep in this heat either. LOL we moan about no summer, now we moan about summer ;)