Saturday, March 31, 2012

Memeology - The Ten Things I Tell Myself Every Day

This meme's not been around for very long, it comes from @angoewright78's lovely blog mumofthreeboys and I was tagged by @mummyglitzer who you can find over at Mummyglitzer.  

I suppose I'm coming at this from a bit of a different angle to the other examples I've read, firstly because I'm a man, and secondly because I don't have my baby yet!  Hopefully that will make it interesting in a different way to others I've seen, I'm sure some of you will remember feeling some of these before your littl'uns made their debut.

Here we go then:

1.  That no matter how early 6:45am feels now, I must cherish it; soon it will be a lie-in.
2.  That one day I will find the job that I want to keep doing, and doing well.
3.  That I can and will cope with whatever fatherhood throws at me.
4.  That my continuing addiction to RIDICULOUS and TIME CONSUMING games on Facebook must come to an end.
5.  That, although I'm about to gain a massive amount of responsibility, I'll still going to find a way to do some of the things I like doing.
6.  That I will do everything I can to help Mrs L do the same.
7.  That the risk of the Terminator films coming true really is rather minimal (but we SHOULD still be wary...)
8.  That I could lose loads of weight if I really had to, but that cheese isn't going to eat itself.
9.  That I will be a good dad.
10.  That I WILL be a good dad.

I probably could have put that last point for every one of these, but that wouldn't have been very good would it?

Now, with the usual disclaimer (no obligation, I know it's a hassle, etc etc.) I now tag a few other dads whose own tellings I would like to read:

@TomBriggs79 (though I appreciate this may be far from his list of priorities just now, congrats on the new arrival!)

If anyone else has done it already, and wants to point me in the direction of their answers, I'll pop along and read them!


  1. You will be an awesome Dad! And you didn't look like you needed to lose any weight to me.

    1. Thanks JB! I'm told I carry my weight well, but believe me, I could do with shifting some! :-)

  2. YOu do not need to lose weight, you will be a good Dad, which means you will have forgotten about Bejewelled Blitz in no time, and as for doing stuff you enjoy - the faster you get your child interested in your hobbie the more chance you will have of ever taking them up again!

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      Not sure how quickly I can get a baby into basketball or cycling, but I'll try! :-)