Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Weeks!

It’s not how long there is left of my wife’s pregnancy (I know, surprising to see me write about something else, right?)

It’s how long my HTC Sensation* has lasted so far.  That shouldn’t be remarkable, or blog-worthy, or even thought-worthy really.  But it is.  Because I’ve had three HTC Sensations now, and three weeks is the longest one has lasted.  This is because the HTC Sensation is SHIT.  You hear me HTC?  No, you don’t, because you’re using an HTC Sensation and you can’t hear me because it is SHIT and BROKEN.

I wouldn’t usually get annoyed by a phone being so unreliable.  I’d take it back to the shop.  I’d stand around looking impatient and tutting.  I’d get a new one under warranty and that one would be fine.  But (to return briefly to the pregnancy thing) right now I feel I need a phone which works.  Just in case someone needs to get in touch.  Y’know, to let me know that labour is happening and maybe I’d like to be there to see it/be shouted at.

My first Sensation lasted just under three weeks.  It was AMAZING for the first two weeks.  I wept in joy at the AMAZING camera which actually took pictures worth looking at.  My geek senses tingled at essentially having a miniature computer in my pocket, connecting me to the world with fuss-free efficiency.  Oh, yes, the honeymoon period was glorious.  Then, one day, the battery lasted just seven hours.  Frustrating.  One full charge later I was ready to forgive it and continue with our beautiful friendship.  Three hours later the battery ran out.  Fuckingfucksocks. 

A kind word here for Carphone Warehouse.  Replacing my phone with no questions asked, and no stupid suggestions as to how I might prolong the battery life.

Sensation number two started well.  All the good things were similarly good.  Then the power/sleep button stopped working.  Amazeballs.  I wondered whether this was a new feature, to improve the battery life.  It wasn’t.  It was just another example of the HTC Sensation being shit.

Back again to Carphone Warehouse (when oh when will you change your name?  There’s surely no such thing as a carphone in 2012 is there?) who dutifully apologised on behalf of HTC and provided me with HTC Sensation number three.  Well done Carphone Warehouse, especially as you could have told me I had to have a warranty repair this time.  Perhaps you were warned off this course by my burning red eyes and polite-but-clearly-somewhat-miffed demeanour.

Three weeks on, and Sensation Three is still functional.  But I spend at least a few minutes a day wondering when that will cease to be the case.  When I will have to waste ANOTHER hour of my time returning ANOTHER stupid broken phone to the lovely, patient souls of Carphone Warehouse. 

But, if it happens again, I’ll be trading it in.  Maybe for an iPhone. 

Or, if they have one, a sniper rifle, so I can go all “Sarah Connor visits Cyberdyne” and sort this out once and for all.

Me, if I was roughly 1000% more AWESOME (and Carphone Warehouse start selling military equipment)

In conclusion: if you need a phone that works, don’t buy an HTC Sensation.

*Also, now I think of it, stop giving your phones such stupid names.


  1. Sorry to hear about that mate; it must be mightily annoying. I've got an HTC Desire - stupid name, but a great phone that has never let me down and I love it. I've heard other people bemoaning the lifetime of Sensations; strange that the same company make two wildly different models. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your latest one - well, apart from when I'm tweeting - that would just end in typos...

    1. Thanks for commenting Tom.

      I think they've maybe just got a tad cocky - it all started when they changed to that "quietly brilliant" strapline I reckon! It's hardly quiet putting it on the start up screen of EVERY phone, is it?

      *awaits phone breakdown*

  2. Have you noticed that all ads for HTC have phones set to 10:08? Apparently if you go into a clock shop, most of the clocks will have their hands set to 10:08 because it looks like they are smiling, makes us happy and so we buy them. But that doesn't work with a digital display does it HTC?? Not too bright in the marketing dept are we?

    1. I had not noticed that. Smiling clocks, who'd have thunk it?

      Makes sense that HTC would get it wrong though...

  3. HTC Desire HD. Awesome. Get one. (mine will probably break now i've said that).

    PS: The "Quietly Brilliant" strapline is also awesome. Clearly a dig at the ever raucous marketing of the iPhone. I work in marketing, and I wish I was that clever.


    1. I'll admit that I liked the strapline at first. When HTC were mostly making phones for other people and had no real brand to speak of it worked for me, in an "anti-cool" way, but now they're hugely popular it just seems a bit disingenuous.